Supplier Selection
Complete certificates and licenses, locations, plant visit and assessment, stable company structure, capacity, price, put our customer in the first place, quality control etc..
Registration Support
Sample screening and control, collecting dossiers from suppliers, supplement of blank data, draft amendment, submitting entire data, registration problem shooting etc..
Purchase at right time
Demand plan from our customers, price status updating, production tracking, providing market information at regular time, quality supervising, searching un-regular products etc..
Quality Control
SGS/sample testing of the third party, pre-shipment product control, batch main index testing, sample retention, label normalization, clear record of in-out stock, regular plant audit etc..
Shipping Arrangement
Booking shipment, preparing export clearance documents, checking packages and BL draft, firmly palletization and reinforce, supervising delivering of special products, sending loading photos and details of shipping, tracing vessel etc.
Information Sharing and Communication
Product feedback from each market, EP policy and actions from government, variation trend of regulation, price updating, registration data updating, mergers and acquisitions, limits of regulation and policy etc..
Problem Shooting
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