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Imidacloprid Tech 96%min, 98%min 10% WP, 200g/l SL
Acetamiprid Tech 97%min 50g/l EC, 200g/l EC
Lambda-Cyhalothrin Tech 96%min 10% WP, 25g/l EC
Fipronil Tech 95%min 200g/l SL
Chlorpyrifos Tech 97%min 200g/l EC, 400g/l EC, 480g/l EC
Bifenthrin Tech 95% min, 96% min, 97% min 10% EC
Methomyl Tech 98%min 90% SP, 70% SP, 50% SP
Dimethoate Tech 98%min 400g/l EC
Thiamethoxam Tech 96%min, 98%min 70% WDG, 25% WDG, 70% WP
Acephate Tech 97%min,98%min 90%SG, 75%SP
Lufenuron Tech 97%min, 98%min 5% EC
Emamectin Benzoate Tech 70%, 75%min 1.9% EC, 5% WDG
Abamectin Tech 95%min 1.8 EC
Buprofezin Tech 98%min 25% WP
Spirodiclofen Tech 98%min 240g/l SC
Spiromesifen Tech 98%min 240g/l SC
Thiacloprid Tech 95%min 40% SC, 13% SL, 56% SP
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