R & D and sales of fiber splicing machinesmore than 10 years of experience,Nanjing future optical fiber equipment co., LTD is the leading manufacturer of Fusion Splicer and fiber optic splicer in China. we are able to provide you with convenient and efficient service, please feel free to write to us, we will give you a professional service within one business day.
Clethodim Tech 94%min 240g/l EC, 37% MUP, 70% MUP
Metribuzin Tech 97%min, 98%min 480g/l SC, 70% WP, 75% WDG
Trifluralin Tech 95%min 480g/l EC
Dicamba Tech 98%min 480g/l SL
2,4-D Acid 56-40-6, 98%min
Atrazine Tech 97%min 90% WDG, 500g/l SC, 80% WP
Paraquat TK 42% min 20% SL, 200g/L SL, 276g/L SL
Oxyfluorfen Tech 96% min, 97% min 24% EC
Mesotrione Tech 95% min 15% SC, 40% SC, 20% OD, 10% OD
Terbuthylazine Tech 97% min 500 SC
Diflufenican Tech 98% min 500g/L SC, 50% WDG
2,4-D Tech 98%min 2,4-D Dimethylamine Salt 710g/l SL
Bispyribac-sodium Tech 95%min, 97%min 100g/l SL, 20% WP
Bentazone Tech 95%min, 98%min 480g/l SL
Carfentrazone-ethyl Tech 95%min 10% WP, 40% WDG
Chlorimuron-ethyl Tech 95%min 25% WP, 50% WP, 25% WDG, 75% WDG
Clodinafop-Propargyl Tech 97%min 10% EC
Diuron Tech 97%min 80% WDG, 80% SC, Hexazinone 14.2%+Diuron 48.8% WP
Florasulam Tech 95%min 500 SC
Fomesafen Tech 95%min 25% SL, 20% EC, 42% SL, 75% WDG
Glufosinate Tech 95%min, 98%min 200g/l SL
Glyphosate Tech 95%min, 97%min 41% SL, 62% IPA
Haloxyfop-p-methyl Tech 97%min 10.4% EC, 10.8% EC
Hexazinone Tech 98%min 75% WDG, 25% SL, Hexazinone 14.2%+Diuron 48.8% WP
Imazethapyr Tech 98%min 100g/L SL, 70% WP, 75% WP, 70% WDG, 75% WDG, 80% WDG
MCPA Tech 95%min 13% SL(Sodium Salt), 56% WP
Napropamide Tech 98%min 50% WP, 20% EC
Nicosulfuron Tech 95%min 40g/l SC, 75% WP, 75% WDG
Pendimethalin Tech 95%min, 98%min 33% EC
Picloram Tech 95%min 24% SL
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