Nanjing future optical fiber equipment provide professional fiber splicing machine, fiber cleaver, optical power meter and other equipment.
Prothioconazole Tech 97% min 41%EC, Mixed formulation with other ative ingredients
Propiconazole Tech 95%min, 98%min 250g/l EC
Tebuconazole Tech 97%min, 98%min 430g/l SC, 250g/l EC, 250g/l EW
Azoxystrobin Tech 96%min, 98%min 250g/l SC
Flutriafol Tech 95%min, 97%min 125g/l SC, 250g/l SC
Difenoconazole Tech 96%min 250g/l EC, 10% WDG
Cyproconazole Tech 95%min 400g/l SC
Prochloraz Tech 97%min 25% EC, 450g/l EW
Tricyclazole Tech 96%min, 98%min 350g/l SC, 20% WP, 75% WP
Epoxiconazole Tech 97%min, 98%min 125g/l SC
Hexaconazole Tech 95%min 50g/l SC, 50g/l EC
Carbendazim Tech 98%min 500g/l SC, 50% WP, 80% WDG
Chlorothalonil Tech 98%min 70% WP, 720g/l SC, 500g/l SC, 5% WDG
Pyriproxyfen Tech 97%min 100g/l EC
Bixafen Tech 97%min Mixed formulation with other active ingredients
Picoxystrobin Tech 96%min 250g/L SC
Boscalid Tech 96%min 80% WDG, 50% WDG
Metconazole Tech 95%min 60g/L EW
Trifloxystrobin Tech 97%min 12.5% EC, 25% SC, 25% DF
Pyraclostrobin Tech 97%min 25% SC, 25% EC
Sedaxane Tech 95%min 44% FS
Isopyrazam Tech 92%min Mixed formulation with Cyprodinil
Fluxapyroxad Tech 98%min 300g/L SC
Pydiflumetofen Tech 98%min 200g/L SC
Benzovindiflupyr Tech 96%min Mixed formulation with azoxystrobin, picoxystrobin etc...
Famoxadone Tech 97%min Mixed with Cymoxamil
Fenpropimorph Tech 97%min 88% OL
Tridemorph Tech 99%min 750g/l EC
Dimethomorph Tech 98%min 50% WP
Manconzeb Tech 96%min 50% WP, 70% WP, 30% SC
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